Family Ftw [for the win]

In partnership with the Mental Health Center of Denver and Colorín Colorado, we are excited to introduce a new parent resource for our families, Family FTW.

Family FTW (For The Win) is a text message-based service delivering a new activity or resource for families

— like storytime videos, whole family activities, and self-care resources for caregivers, in English and Spanish. It’s easy for families to feel overwhelmed with information right now, so we’re offering a single bite-sized, fun activity via text for families to enjoy two times a week.

Click the button below to sign up for these bi-weekly texts:

Or simply text FAMILY to 720-900-0854 for resources in English.

Si desea registrarse para recibir estos recursos de Family FTW, envíe FAMILIA al 720-900-0854.


Below are several resources that you can use to help share Family FTW (For the Win) with the families in your clinic.

If you have questions about Family FTW [For The Win] or want more information about signing up for these services, please contact us at [email protected].

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