2018 Annual BOOK Report

Colorado families leave health check-ups every day with a new book, a first book, a favorite book, sometimes an only book.

In neighborhoods where appropriate reading material is limited by geography or financial status, Reach Out and Read Colorado provides access to and ownership of brand new, high-quality children’s books.

For those who never learned to read or who don’t speak English, Reach Out and Read Colorado prescribes books in more than 60 languages and empowers parents to create a story to support the images on the page.

We have collected local experiences, book statistics, growth points and program highlights in our 2018 Annual BOOK Report to share our footprint and statewide impact with you, our champions and change makers.  

The story we are writing together is about engagement and quality interaction.

It is a story about health outcomes and future academic success.

It is a powerful story about dignity and integrity.

Across Colorado, from the mountains to the plains, we are there. We are embedded in the community. We are working tirelessly to lower barriers and to ease the obstacles that impede parents from assuming the role of their child’s first and most important teacher. 

We provide the tools, the encouragement, the knowledge and the path.

And, we need your help.

Read the 2018 Annual BOOK Report HERE!

Our 2018 Annual BOOK Report is presented by the American Academy of Pediatrics – Colorado Chapter. With nearly 800 members statewide, the American Academy of Pediatrics – Colorado Chapter (AAP-CO) has a long history of working tirelessly on behalf of Colorado’s children, families and healthcare providers. Our accomplishments include victories on immunization access, primary care payment reform, and enhancing access to mental and behavioral resources for pediatricians.

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