Join Us for the 2022 Season | May to October

Colorado Children Supported for 1 Year (So Far) With Your Pledges!

Make Birdies. Donate Books.


Pledge a dollar amount of your choice to be donated to Reach Out and Read Colorado for each Birdie that you score over the course of the 2022 golf season.

You have fun, we create a little competition, and children in need get new books to take home and read aloud together with their families!

HOW TO Participate

  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. Decide if you want to track your birdies, pars, or even bogeys
  4. Pledge a dollar amount for every one you track (this is only a pledge, you may adjust your actual donation amount at any time!)
  5. Track your birdies, pars, or bogeys every time you golf throughout the summer
  6. Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you stack up against the competition!

Interested in Participating This Season?

Please fill out this interest form now, and we will be in touch later this month with more info.

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Make Your Pledge Now!

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  • How much would you like to pledge per birdie? You pledge, we help you keep track, and you make one donation at the end of the season. It's that simple!
  • Want to participate but don't want to track each birdie? You can make a pledge now with your total goal for the season, still compete in the competition, and make a donation in October.
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Total Birdies

The leaderboard

Mark Shiffman
51 Birdies

Ryan Chase
46 Birdies

Kenneth Feiler
26 Birdies

Chris Waters
21 Birdies

Barry Curtiss-Lusher
18 Birdies

Tom Rodriguez
18 Birdies

TJ Maxfield
15 Birdies

Don Brown
14 Birdies

Gary Kleiman
6 Birdies

John Kerschner
1 Birdies

Interested in making a donation to Reach Out and Read Colorado but don’t want to participate in ‘Birdies for Books?’

Boilerplate Language: What is Reach Out and Read Colorado?

We are excited to offer a new program enhancement which will allow us to begin serving our communities’ most vulnerable children from day one. Back To Birth will add 3 additional books at the 1-week, 2-month, and 4-month well-child visit, effectively doubling the impact of Reach Out and Read in the first year of life.
The program will be introduced to 3,500 infants in Denver Health clinics first, in honor of our founder Dr. Steve Vogler, and then strategically throughout the rest of the state.

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